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Every Thursday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM the Cumberland Outdoor Club will be selling beer. If you wish to purchase, please pull up to the front door and call 301-777-9688. We will be taking cash, credit and debit cards. Do not come in the building. The beer will be brought out to your car. You must be a member to purchase. DO NOT COME IN!
Bud Light and Budweiser 30pk                           
Michelob Ultra 30pk                                            
Busch Light 30pk                                                
Miller 64 24pk Bottles                                         
Domestic Drafts Growler*                                  
Premium Draft Growler*                                     
*Bring your own Growler or container



Wings-10 for $7
Available flavors: plain, mild, medium, hot, sweet/hot, BBQ, and wet and dry old bay. Flavors in tens only. No splitting into smaller quantities.

Small 8"Pizza

Pepperoni    $4     Cheese       $4

Hog Heaven Potato Skins

Stuffed with BBQ pulled pork, onions, jalapenos and melted cheddar cheese.

4 potato skins for $6

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up to 11:30 pm

For up to date hunting/fishing regulations, follow the links below.

Bar  301-777-9688

Kitchen 301-777-8701


Sun:    Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments

Tue:    Jackpot Day

Wed:   Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments

Thu:    Wing Night = *.55 eat-in or

                                   * .65 carry-out

*Prices subject to change without notice on this site

Club Meetings are held the first & third Monday of each month in Jan, Feb & Mar, and begin at 7:00 PM

Next Meeting is March 2nd

Come to the meetings  ! ! 

Bar Hours:

Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri Open @ 11am

Tue & Sat Open @ 9am

Sun Open at 1pm


Mon - Thur 5pm-9pm

Fri - Sat 5pm-10pm

Sun 1pm - 9pm